We have now prepared a Pre Submission version of Holwell’s Neighbourhood Plan which is available for formal review before it is submitted for independent examination. The period of formal consultation starts on Monday 21st May and concludes on Monday 9th July 2018 during which time we are required to make the Plan available to people who live, work or carry on business in the area so they can review and comment. Copies of the documents will be available on this page and in hard copy from members of the Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group.

There is a response form intended to assist people in responding to the pre-submission consultation. You can use it to comment on all or any of the policies, and there is a section at the end for general comments (and you can add extra pages). Alternatively, you can write or email in ensuring you refer to the policy or page that you are commenting on, and be clear what changes you think should be made and why. Please keep your responses as concise as possible. Consultation on the Pre Submission Plan document will also be held with a range of statutory bodies and with our local Planning team. You can download the form using the link below.

Consultation form & note for Pre Submission 20 May 2018

There will be opportunities to review and discuss the content of the documents in person by attending one of the Open Sessions at the Village Hall during June 2018 on Saturday 2nd Thursday 14th and Saturday 16th June.

There is now a post box on the wall at the rear of the hall by the entrance so you can deposit your completed response forms or comments if you cannot contact a Parish Councillor or member of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group.   It be emptied regularly by a member of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group.