Updated 15th May 2018

Date Planned action Notes
1st March 2018 NPWG meeting Review policies & outstanding items – meeting cancelled due to snow
5th March 2018 NP Plan Writing Gp meeting Reviewed proposed amendments and timeline
6th March 2018 PC meeting Informal plan presented to PC, feedback by 12/3/18
12th – 15th March Publicity Distribute flyers and prep website
16th March – 7th April 2018 Informal consultation period Website live, send plan to WDDC officers for comment Hold open sessions (see below)
29th & 31st March 2018 1st & 2nd Open session for residents during consultation period Residents feedback to be collated (drop in sessions during w/c 2nd April 2018)
5th April 2018 3rd Open session for residents NPWG meeting Residents to feedback their views Review feedback to date, if further publicity is needed or closing date to be amended
7th – 13th April 2018 Closure of consultation 7th April Consolidate feedback
26th April & 8th May NPWG meeting (x2) Review consultation feedback and changes to draft plan and plan pre-submission consultation
9th May 2018 NPWG Deliver Pre-Submission Plan documents to Parish Council
15th May 2018 PC AGM and Parish meeting Agree Pre-Submission Draft of NP document
21st May to 9th July 6 week (minimum) consultation period on Pre-Submission Draft
7th June 2018 NPWG meeting Review consultation process and feedback received to date
9th – 13th July 2018 Process responses Jo W – statutory bodies responses NPWG – residents responses
16th & 19th July 2018 NPWG meeting (x2) Review responses and agree changes to plan, and finalise and complete collation of evidence base
24th July 2018 PC meeting Agree submission of Plan documents