When the Holwell Neighbourhood Plan was written in 2018, in contained our own policies on where residents wanted homes built, where employment or business should be located, what community buildings or structures were important to us and how we wanted planners to protect our landscape.    

We created policies covering housing matters such as a policy defining the amount and location of new housing. On employment and business in Holwell we proposed locations for enterprises to be located.  We defined policies covering community facilities and rights of way and developed a range of policies covering landscape matters such as locally important views, woodlands, wildlife, structures of important and defined the design standards we would like to see approved on planning applications for sites in Holwell.

All of these policies were developed using evidence from public sources, e.g. ONS, Census, etc. and from the feedback from residents who completed a household survey which gave us information specific to Holwell residents.   

When our Plan was agreed with WDDC Planners, they appointed an external examiner to review it and it was then voted on by residents during a referendum and approved by a large majority.  It was formally adopted by West Dorset County Council on 19th February 2019. 

All the agreed documents are held on the Dorset Council website and can be viewed by following the link below.



The current council, Dorset Council, stated in March 2020 that they still do not have provision of land to cover 5 years’ housing need therefore, where a Neighbourhood Plan is more than 2 years old, planners will no longer give weight to it when they make planning decisions.

The Parish Council decided to review the current plan to ensure that is updated and therefore less than 2 years old and so the wishes of residents of Holwell will be taken into account when planning decisions are made regarding the parish of Holwell.


We have prepared a questionnaire to get your views on the current plan. Please complete one so we are able to take account of your views in the review and return it to us by 25th September 2020.

To fill out the online questionnaire, please click here.

To download a copy of the questionnaire to print, please click here.

Your completed questionnaire can be taken to the Village Hall (post box at rear) or to Ash Trees on Crouch Hill (box in porch).

If you have any questions, please let us know at holwellneighbourhoodplan@gmail.com

2018 Consultation Documentation

To view the consultation documentation as well as any appendices, please click here.

Mission Statement

Holwell Parish Council wishes to maintain Holwell Parish as a thriving rural community and to ensure its long-term future by working towards meeting the needs of those who wish to live and work in this community. A Neighbourhood Plan gives local people a genuine opportunity to be part of a community that will guide the future development, regeneration and conservation of their area by preparing a plan under the control and guidance of Holwell Parish Council.

It is a plan that the community of Holwell Parish produce and vote on that will give residents the opportunity to influence the future of the area through having a say into future development, regeneration and conservation. If it is adopted, then it becomes part of the Planning Policy for our parish.

The Parish Council set up a working group in 2013 who undertook some initial work on the Plan. However, this plan must be one that the community of Holwell produce and vote on, giving residents the opportunity to influence the future of the area. It can cover a broad agenda or just focus on a few key issues that concern the population of Holwell.

To maintain Holwell Parish as a thriving rural community and to ensure its long-term future by working towards meeting the needs of those who wish to live and work in this community

Strategic Objectives:

  1. To meet diverse local housing needs taking into account changing demographics and social requirements.
  2. To keep housing development to an agreed scale, of good quality and design, making use of materials that are appropriate, sustainable and complementary to neighbouring properties.
  3. To support existing business, encourage new enterprises and facilities which will enhance commercial effectiveness and employment opportunities.
  4. To preserve the long-term future of the area by retaining and, if possible, enhancing local services, infrastructure and facilities, promoting a safe and healthy community.
  5. To protect and enhance the natural, agricultural and built environment of the Parish including its landscape, built heritage, archaeological sites and wildlife habitats.
  6. To reduce vulnerability to the impact of severe weather i.e. flooding, etc